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Over 20 Years of Experience
Roger Foltz founded Two Pines Art in 1988.  Since then we have worked with collectors, dealers, museums, law firms, and insurance firms in a variety of activities.  We have appraised many private collections, corporate collections, and museum collections.  We actively broker individual pieces or entire collections, and have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people in the tribal and traditional art markets.  Two Pines Art is a full member of ATADA, the Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association.
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Roger Foltz
Co-Owner of Two Pines Art
Roger has experience working with all levels of art objects.  He specializes in appraisals for estate and IRS donations.
Ken Bales
Co-Owner of Two Pines Art
Ken is a specialist in comparative tribal art and works with a wide variety of antiques and art.
Painting by Howard Schleeter.
Sioux possible bag with blue background.
Zia storage jar, 19" tall.
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